A walk in the East Macs

Nick Tyllis recaps a walk in the East Macs on 2 August 2014

A walk in the East MacsWalk: Goat Camp Creek Gorge
Length: around 12 Km
Grade: Hard – 80% was boulder hopping, 5 % sphincter-challenging waterfall and 15% flat woodland.

All images by Dianne Alford

A group of four curious and intrepid club members went East to explore some stunning gorges and gullies, cut into the rock formations. The area is open woodland with quartzite ridges cut by multiple waterways flowing from the northwest to the southeast into Giles Creek, which drains into the Todd River.

Goat Camp Creek GorgeWe chose to explore an area around a gorge cut by Goat Camp Creek, about 95 Km east of Alice Springs, along the Arltunga road. The weather was cool with minimum of 0o C to a maximum of 17o C and windy – perfect off-track walking conditions.

The track into the property took us to within 1 Km of the Northern entrance into the gorge. The walk up to the gorge was along flat, relatively even, lightly-wooded terrain. There is lots of evidence of horses and cattle, but mainly horses. The gorge itself, is about 2.5 Km long, rocky, with steep walls and numerous shallow pools of sweet water.

We followed a gully eastward, then up a stunning (one of many) waterfall, with a large, dark pool at the bottom. Then we walked down a show-stopper of a waterfall back into Goat Camp Creek Gorge. This time the photographer was too focused on getting down alive and in one piece to take any further pictures.

The walk was an easy day walk, but there is still lots to explore in the area and could easily make for a multi-day walk over a few happy days.

Goat Camp Creek waterfall

Goat Camp Creek Gorge





About centralozbushwalkers

We are an incorporated association, but really we are an informal group of bushwalkers. We conduct day and overnight walks in Central Australia, both on- and off-track. Visitors and new members are welcome on the walks.
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