Somewhere in the Barkly after Trevor and Veronica

The Easter Long Weekend, Friday, April 19th to Monday, April 22nd, saw us heading up north after some information that over 100 mm of the good stuff that missed Alice Springs fell in the Barkly, thanks to Tropical Cyclones Trevor and Veronica that passed across the Top End.

A 4-day extended walk over 50 Km was planned at very short notice and through unknown terrain, but with the knowledge that there will probably be water (and if there wasn’t any water, the millions of flies eaten would’ve had enough moisture in them to keep us hydrated, I reckon).

The terrain was rocky, fairly flat, with low rounded ridges and no cliffy bits. The ground cover was spinifex, which was ok to walk through, but also small acacia species (Acacia bivenosa, Acacia monticola) with intertwined branches that made walking through difficult. Each step was resisted and together with a heavy pack made progress very slow. The hills are low, but the land is fairly flat in between and the view from the top of the hills is good and expansive.

Most of the waterways we walked across were dry, but about every 10 Km or so, there was a substantial expanse of water.

The first waterhole we came across was a metre cross, with vegetation debris. The water was good after filtering through a handkerchief. We were running low at that point, so we picked up a few litres, not realizing that within a couple of Km, we would blunder past a huge expanse of water. Anyway, that first little waterhole was welcome and the water was good and potable without needing treatment.

The flies were brutal, but no more or less so than over the summer. One can get used to them and they become much less bothersome then. But from the time you leave the tent, until the time you get back in, 12-15 hours later a cloud of them will buzz around your face without any let up.

Not many photos were taken, but I include a few:

Davenport ranges April 2019

First big waterhole

Clear flowing water

Clear and briskly flowing, with a great campsite next to it.

Another deep rock hole

Another big, deep rock hole

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We are an incorporated association, but really we are an informal group of bushwalkers. We conduct day and overnight walks in Central Australia, both on- and off-track. Visitors and new members are welcome on the walks.
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