Recent walks

The cooler weather means long walks with none or very few flies.

July the 5th, Mt Sonder

Club member Kate led a walk up Mt Sonder.
The group camped out at Redbank Gorge the night before and had an early start on Sunday morning.

The ‘Sonder Sisters’. On top of Mt Sonder wearing beanies and exercising appropriate physical distancing.
The image is looking west, with Mt Razorback in the background.
(Photo credit: Kate Stevens).

July 11th, Somewhere west and off track

Having a sense of adventure and not really knowing where one is going is often majestically rewarded by nature’s unending ability to amaze and enthrall.

A chance find on the way to retrieve a pair of walking poles. A series of cascades with large pools of water. It hadn’t rained for months. These pools are deep and don’t get much sun, so tend to hang around for a long time.
The rest of that day, nature showed us huge, shear and vertical walls of rock and deep, dark water-filled slot canyons. It took effort to traverse what was on offer – dodgy scrambling down waterfalls, frequent uphill detours to avoid shear, vertical drops and the limited amount of daylight during winter. But it is always worth it.
(Photo credit: Nick Tyllis).
View from the top of the ranges. Looks barren, but laden with hidden gems.
(Photo credit: Rosalie Schultz).

About centralozbushwalkers

We are an incorporated association, but really we are an informal group of bushwalkers. We conduct day and overnight walks in Central Australia, both on- and off-track. Visitors and new members are welcome on the walks.
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2 Responses to Recent walks

  1. Nannette says:

    Sounds like a great future club walk!!

  2. Diane says:

    Love the photos. Miss the walks. Recently returned from 8 or 9 days of hiking through the Dandenong Ranges with our young dog, (on dog friendly trails). That was til the rain, and fog, and cold “came in”. But we had a great time and made it home before Melbourne was “locked down”. Hi to everyone up there in the “safe” sunshine and red scenery.

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