Stunning Secrets of the Centre

Not far from town and not far from the Larapinta Trail lay hidden treasures, hopefully only few get to see. Fortunately, getting to these places takes effort and commitment and lots of trial and error.

Below is a small collection of photos from one such hidden treasure, visited this weekend.

The temperature was 29-32.5 degrees. Water wasn’t a problem.

Lots of evidence of feral horses. Every waterhole within reach of the horses has hoof prints and horse nuggets near it.
Luckily the slot canyon was way above the reach of the horses. The water is crystal-clear and gently trickling – an awesome sight to behold!

About centralozbushwalkers

We are an incorporated association, but really we are an informal group of bushwalkers. We conduct day and overnight walks in Central Australia, both on- and off-track. Visitors and new members are welcome on the walks.
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3 Responses to Stunning Secrets of the Centre

  1. Areeya says:

    Wow! This was beautiful! I’m sad I’ve missed it. I’ve been missing a lot of walks with you guys since I have developed a very nasty migraine whenever I’m outside for too long when it’s above 25 degrees ;-(

  2. Diane says:

    Seems like a beautiful spot. Never got to see it while I was there. Rosalie, how did you get to the spot you where you are sitting? First thought was that you swam, then realized you still had your boots on. However, you got there, down here in “lockdown” I’m envious of even being able to walk more than 1/2 hour from home (being 30 mins there and 30 mins return).

    • Hi Diane. There were some rocks to hop onto on the side to scramble around to the bottom of the waterfall.
      Over 15 years of exploring and walking here, we still encounter these pearls, hidden.
      Covid is frightening and depressing. I hope we all survive it ok.

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