Phone the walk leader if you’d like to join the walk.

Please regularly visit the “Changes to Walks Program” page to see updates to walks.
To view and download the schedule, click here.

Grades described https://centralaustralianbushwalkers.com/walk-planning/walking-grades/

Feb 29 – Mar 1 Larapinta Trail Working Bee (closed)
Mar 8 Wiggley’s gorge from town.

Grade 3-4. Rocky and uneven in places

SezzaJai 0435 428 199
Mar 15 Trephina Gorge to John Hayes Rock hole

Grade 4 – some steep, rocky bits

Rosalie (08) 8953 4530
Mar 22 Simpson Gap to Bond Gap then return along Woodland Trail

Grade 3 – approx. 20 Km on marked trail

Sue 0417 814 745
Mar 29 “Four Peaks Sunrise” – Spencer, ANZAC, Billy-Goat and Annie Meyer hills.

Grade 3-4

SezzaJai 0435 428 199
Apr 5 Woodland Trail to Rocky Gap and back

Grade 3

Jill 0437 223 203
Easter Long Weekend

Apr 10-13 (Fri-Mon)

Dulcie Ranges exploratory walk (subject to change depending on water security).

Grade 6 – four-day pack-carry. All off-track

Nick (08) 8953 4530
Apr 19 Larapinta Trail section 7 along the new route.

Grade 3-4

Nannette 0409 377 545
Apr 25 (Sat) ANZAC day walk to Brinkley Bluff

Grade 4 – marked trail, 450-metres ascent

Rosalie (08) 8953 89530
May 3 Hamilton Downs Youth Camp to Larapinta Trail section 3 high route, then return via Jay creek

Grade: 4 – some off-track bits, some steep ascents

Siri 0455 865 372
May 10 Larapinta Trail section 10. Ormiston Gorge to Glen Helen resort.

Grade: 3

Jill 0437 223 203
May 17 To be decided Ken 0430 526 925
May 23-24 (Sat-Sun) Central Mt Stuart.

Grade 6; All off-track

Nannette 0409 377 545
May 31 To be decided Ken 0430 526 925

Note to all walk leaders:

The custodians of the satellite phone, PLB, GPS and the First Aid kits are Rosalie and Nick. Phone: (08) 8953 4530

Email: central.australian.bushwalkers@gmail.com

Leaders please collect satellite phone for all walks that are going to be out of mobile phone coverage.

Last update 28 Feb 2020


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  2. Cynthia says:

    Looking forward to 2014 schedule.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Has anyone ever walked on the ridges located near the south gap of town? I know YMCA has an event that goes up the road to the twin towers. I am wondering if the opposite site of the gap has a foot trail across the east ridges?

    • Yes, Cynthia, the club regularly walks on the east side (as well as the west side) ridge of Heavitree Gap. On the east side, generally we walk from Emily Gap along the open ridge top to Mt John and then down to an old vehicle track into the back of the Heavitree Tavern on the south side of the gap. There is no foot track on the ridge, but it is open and fairly easy off track walking.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Great! When will you next walk on the east side be? I know of one person, possibly up to three who would like to join on the walk.

  5. Areeya says:

    Thank you!

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