Changes to Walks Program

With NT Declaration of Public Health Emergency, Central Australian Bushwalking Club  program is suspended until further notice.

Please follow NT government advice:

Contact walk leaders for further information.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

For any of you  not working on Wednesday and would like to go on a beautiful long day walk, Nannette is leading a walk from Standley Chasm along section 3 of the Larapinta Trail – up the high route and back along the low route.
The rains we’ve just had, would have dumped a good amount of water and there should be pools about.

It is a hard walk – lots of ups and downs with some steep rocky bits and waterfalls to negotiate

Please contact Nannette on 0409 377 545 if you want to join the walk.

Correction for walk to Central Mt Stuart

The walk will take place Saturday May 23 to Sunday May 24.
The contact person is Nannette on 0409 377 545.

Unless otherwise advised (see above), the meeting place for the pre-departure briefing is the car park on the corner of Todd street (Gap road) and Stuart terrace (see map below):


For a weather forecast (Bureau of Meteorology) click on the link

1 Response to Changes to Walks Program

  1. Nanette, I am not a member but would love to join. How can I reserve a place on this walk?

    James Johnson

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