Changes to Walks Program

The biosecurity zones declared during the COVID-19 lockdown have now been abolished and Territorians can move about freely.

PLEASE NOTE (refer to the existing schedule):
• August 8-9 will now be a walk to Brinkley Bluff on Saturday afternoon, an overnight camp on the top then return on Sunday.
The walk leader is Trevor. the contact number is: 0448516855
• August 23 will now be a loop walk from the Ochre pits to Pioneer pass to Inerlenge pass and back to the Ohre pits.
The walk leader is Nannette. The contact number is: 0409377545

The club’s walking schedule has resumed. Please visit the Bushwalks & activities page.

The NT government advice on COVID-19:
One of the gems of the Eastern MacDonnell ranges.

Unless otherwise advised (see above), the meeting place for the pre-departure briefing is the car park on the corner of Todd street (Gap road) and Stuart terrace (see map below):


For a weather forecast (Bureau of Meteorology) click on the link

1 Response to Changes to Walks Program

  1. Nanette, I am not a member but would love to join. How can I reserve a place on this walk?

    James Johnson

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