… beyond the network of roads and trails there are peaks & gorges & chasms rarely seen

The Central Australian Bushwalkers celebrate 30 years of exploring the arid rangleands of Central Australia with WALKING COUNTRY
a photographic journey

Photography: 30 stunning images from well beyond the Larapinta Trail
by Meg McKone, Glenn Tempest, Peter NowakMichael Giacometti (click to view)

Artworks: Deborah Clarke, Jenny Taylor, Julie A Taylor

Poetry & text: Sue Fielding, Michael Giacometti, Meg Mooney, Leni Shilton

Audio: 2008 solo & unsupported walk across the Simpson Desert; a stormy night that turns into a central ranges flood; two long-term bushwalkers talk about why they are passionate about walking in Central Australia

Installation: extracts from 19th and 20th century explorers and adventurers; the cart that carried 100 litres of water across the Simpson Desert in 2008


  1. Jeremy says:

    Sorry to miss it, sounds very intriguing. Seen some off-track stuff up through the West Macs and it’s full of surprises.

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