#5 Apr 7, Pioneer Pass loop

Pioneer Pass loop:
A spectacular mix of walking off and on track through two gorges near the Ochre Pits. There is likely to be water in the first gorge (of Pioneer Creek), requiring a short but cold wade across. We join and follow the Larapinta Trail near Pioneer Pass which can give access to Mt Giles, and follow the trail south through Inarlanga Pass and back to the Ochre Pits. The track is generally flat, but involves some scrambling over rocks in the gorges, so is of a medium standard (about 12km, 3.5 hours excluding breaks).

Boulder-hopping in Inarlanga Pass, Rosalind Beadle

What to bring:
Sturdy, comfortable shoes; gaiters (to protect your legs from spinifex, burrs and seeds; sunscreen, hat, long-sleeved shirt; small pack with water (3 litres), snacks, camera, lunch, personal first aid and medications.
You may wish to bring some water sandals for wading through the gorge.

Where to meet:
6:30am at Stuart Park carpark (opposite the Memo Club on Gap Rd).
We car pool and share petrol costs. For this walk it will be about $15 per person (excluding drivers). Please bring correct change.

Finish time:
It takes about 1-1.5 hours to drive each way. We aim to be back in Alice Springs by mid-late afternoon.

Bookings required:
No emails after 5pm Friday April 4. No calls after 6pm Saturday April 6.

central.australian.bushwalkers@gmail.com   |   8953 6902

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