Amended Winter Schedule

Hi (from club Secretary, Nick Tyllis)

There were some significant typos and errors in the last published schedule. I’ve since corrected the errors and re-published the schedule.

Please discard the schedule if you’ve already downloaded and/or printed it before today. Please click the link for the corrected schedule:Corrected Winter schedule

My apologies for the stuff up.

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Winter bushwalking program released

The Central Australian bushwalking program for walks up to the end of July 2017 is now out. View it on our Bushwalks & Activities page.

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Walks program for Summer to Autumn 2017 released

The Central Australian Bushwalking club program for walks from the end of January to the end of April 2017 is now available. View or download from our BUSHWALKS & ACTIVITIES PROGRAM

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Introducing the McDoualls – the ‘distinct’ high peaks of the NT

Mt Sonder - a McDouall

Mt Sonder (West MacDonnell Range)

Peak baggers in Scotland have the Munros – the high peaks over 3000 feet (910 metres) in elevation. In response Bill Wilkinson devised the Tasmanian Abels – the high peaks of Australia’s mountainous southern isle over 1100 metres with a distinct fall of at least 150 metres on all sides.

And now, the Northern Territory has the McDoualls – the high peaks over 1000 metres in elevation with a distinct fall of at least 150 metres on all sides. Read more.

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Bushwalking in Australia’s “adveNTure” Territory

The latest edition (Volume 11, June 2015) of Bushwalk Australia’s e-magazine is now out, featuring bushwalking in the Territory. Included are features on the best walks in the NT, a profile on our bushwalking club, and much more.

Enjoy the read. Download the e-mag here.

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A walk review: Hells Gate & The Pinch

Michael Giacometti recaps a walk south of town on 26 April 2015

Ooraminna start of walkWalk: Mt Ooraminna & The Pinch
Length: around 11 Km
Time: about 5 hours elapsed
Grade: Easy-Medium off-track. Short and steep ridge climb and descent on loose rocks followed by flat creek bed, 4WD track and plains walking.

Eight walkers joined Diane Alford (leader) for a short and interesting walk with geologic and historic significance on Deep Well Station about one hour drive south of Alice. Permission for the walk was obtained in advance from the Hayes family who hold the pastoral lease. Diane led a walk here last year, but it was marred by bitterly cold and rainy weather. This time we were bathed in bright sunshine.

The cars were left in a natural corral (GR 981344) at the end of the Ooraminna Range, about 2.5 kilometres after turning east off the South Road. (The turnoff is about 100 metres before the Off Road Centre.)

Ooraminna up the gullyWe headed off north of east across the corral and climbed a gutter to the red sandstone ridge, then continued on the bearing across the scrubby tops to descend steeply on loose rocks to a creek. This creek we followed as it meandered north of east. In doing so, we missed out on climbing Mt Ooraminna a little way off to the north. After following the creek for about 3 kilometres we took a brief diversion north-west to a holey-rocky pinnacle. Back along the creek for another kilometre and we came to the remarkable Hells Gate (GR 012356), a vertical rocky wall like the rampart of a castle, breached only by the creek. We stopped here for an hour and explored the castle walls from many vantage points.

Ooraminna Hells GateFrom Hells Gate we followed the original road (in reverse) that led to the Arltunga Goldfields in the early 1900s. Imagine pushing a wheelbarrow with all your possessions and food and water through this dry and rocky terrain. And imagine how rich a load you’ll strike! About one kilometre south and we hit The Pinch (GR 012347), a man-made ramp-like cutting in the sandstone. It must have been hell for the miners and the bullocks getting up this bastard ramp.

Ooraminna plainsAnother kilometre on a sandy track took us past Pinch Bore, then after another 500 metres we left the track to skirt the base of the range, heading west. We crossed several clay gutters and small sandridges, and as the day grew hotter and with no shade, we all wondered how far it was to the end of the range. Finally, after about 5 kilometres, we rounded the end of the steep-sided range and climbed over an obvious saddle to the cars.

Ooraminna outcropsA few of the group scrambled up the sandstone outcrop southwest of the saddle to an overhang with a few petroglyphs (Aboriginal rock engravings).

Overall, an interesting and non-challenging day walk in a region that the club used to walk many years ago, but has not done much recently.


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First bushwalks for 2015

The bushwalking program for the first half of 2015 is being finalised, and before it is released, here are two walks to get us started.

Sunday, 22 Feb – Climb Mt Undoolya.  Contact Nick on 89534530 or 0435134780.

Sunday, 1 March – A short 2-hour circle walk along section 6 east from Ellery and back along north side to swim through Ellery Big Hole.  Contact Jan on 0400303123.

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